Ceramics 1994 – 2005 and present

Clay has played an important role in my development as an artist from an early age.   While earning my undergraduate degree I rediscovered clay as an immediate, expressive medium for sculpture.   I began a series of works centered around carving, invented hand building techniques and a mythical narrative that came to me piece at a time over the course of five years. In the fall of 1999, I was given the opportunity to acquire some commercial plaster molds and took as many as I could fit in my truck. After a transitional period, I decided to make a hard break into a new series of assemblage using only slip caste pieces. This series was based on a subversion of the found kitsch motif of the plaster molds and an expression of abject, visceral horror. I continued with this series until I decided to start using found materials other than ceramics to construct larger scale sculpture and installations.  In recent years, I occasionally enjoy the opportunity to play with clay and feel like the possibility of a future ceramics series is somehow inevitable.

Evolution vs Gravity



Play Decay